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Write Start 101, by Alex Brown

A beginner’s guide to becoming a writer. But not a book about writing.

Everything you need to know to get started, ask the right questions, and avoid a whole lot of headaches. Written by Romantic Shorts™ publisher, Alex Brown, this is a compilation of her best advice after ten years of reading other writers’ manuscripts.

Available for immediate download in online .pdf format and POD paperback formats at starting January 2023.

A Road To Joy, a novel

A Road To Joy, by Alexandra Stacey

You’ve thought about just running away.

Faced with a loss that destroys strength, purpose, and hope, who could blame you?

Life is hard. Sometimes, too hard.

This is one woman’s candid and compelling journey on a road to discovery, a road to the other side of grief, a road to joy.

Available at in paperback, Kindle, and Audible versions.

Phyrric Truths Cover

Pyrrhic Truths, by Alexandra Meryn

A novel of suspense, adventure, and romance, by Canadian Author Alexandra Meryn.

Available at in paperback and Kindle versions.

Romantic Shorts Online

Romantic Shorts™

An online digest of half hour romantic short stories. Available without cost or membership to readers worldwide.

Welcome to the escape in the middle of your day.

Romantic Shorts is not accepting new manuscripts at this time. Our library is still available for readers.


Fight Back From Big Debt, by Alex Brown

A step-by-step workbook to overcoming overwhelming personal debt. Anecdotes, lessons, worksheets, and help from someone who has actually been there.


Share The Care Handbook, by Alex Brown

The number one resource tool for patients and caregivers who need to communicate with medical professionals.